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Do you...

  • have desires beyond the standard sexual norm? 
  • want to reclaim your sexuality?  
  • desire to have an epic sexual relationship with a woman or a man or both?
  • worry about how you will perform or if you will be hard?
  • want to create abundance in your life and feel stuck? 



"For men's work, Soleiman is a sublime facilitator and his presence does the teaching for him. He is bold and balanced and his words comes straight from his heart. And though he is willing to step into his power, his playful and authentic energy is never threatening or intimidating. He truly lives as a divine example of his teaching."

Ryan S.


"Soleiman has such a deep knowledge and mastery of sexuality. He is able to effortlessly communicate his wisdom while never imposing his teachings as gospel. He makes you feel heard, seen and valued. His energy opened me up to expose some deeply rooted shame I had about my body and it was incredibly impactful and life changing. Soleiman has such a gift in the field, and ALL MEN in the world should take this workshop...and then take it again!

It's that Powerful!!"

Darrin G.


"I feel more connected to my body, sexuality, intimacy, what I am desiring in relationships, and releasing any struggles through attending this amazing workshop. Soleiman is a well experienced facilitator that walks the walk and talks the talk and holds space for your deep moments. I really recommend this workshop for the ones who intend to live life fully with better self-awareness."

Payam H.

Be your Sexual Superhero in your life.

  • Gain ancient techniques on how to last longer.
  • Learn how to feel more sexual arousal in your body. 
  • Learn to release the old ideas of how a man needs to be in bed. 
  • Be the lover you have always wanted to be. 
  • Learn the sacred in sexuality and how to love yourself first and then make love to a partner or partners. 
  • Learn ritual techniques to harness the power of your sexuality for creating abundance in your life. 

Program Highlights

  • 3 month coaching program (online via Zoom)
    • Kick Off Session (TBD)
    • Program Official Start (TBD)
  • 3 Group Coaching Calls per month (First 3 weeks of the month)
  • Membership Platform with additional trainings and group call recordings to view later. 
  • Facebook Group

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