😩🤔Help, I can’t meditate?


Help, I can’t meditate?

“I can’t meditate because, I can’t stop thinking.”
“I can’t meditate because, I can’t sit still.”
“I can’t meditate because, I can’t relax.”

I can go on and on as to all the different statements or reasons people have given me as to why they can’t meditate. In all honesty, all the above statements are partly true. My thoughts don’t stop sometimes, I can’t sit still sometimes, and I can’t relax sometimes.

Think about it, 😉😉😉.

You are 30 years old and you have been living your entire life using your thinking to make sense out of life, your thinking is what has given you meaning out of your existence. You now want to meditate, and you sit down and you expect to stop thinking, you expect to have no thoughts running around in that head of yours. 🤣🤣🤣.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it isn’t called a meditation practice for nothing. Everything we do in life requires a consistent daily practice. For example, wanting to get fit or lose weight. You don’t just go to the gym once and expect to be at your ideal weight or look fit as if you've been training for years. It takes consistent commitment and daily practice to see results.

🤨🤔🧐So, why would you commit to a daily or for that matter a twice daily meditation practice?

After meditating for the past 3 years, here are my take aways.

- I am resilient to life's challenges.

- I am calm and centered even in a confrontation.

- I am willing to be more flexible.

- I am compassionate toward myself and others.

- I have less thoughts, especially those repetitive sticky ones.

- I see my true strength and power in the world I live in.

What is my meditation practice?

It is a Bija Mantra based meditation practice. Bija Mantra is a Sanskrit word, which means, Bija (seed) and Mantra (sacred utterance). The seed of each sound you utter is sacred. If we were to go deeper in defining the meaning of Mantra, we get, Man (mind) and Tra (liberate). So, meditation in essence is liberating the mind by uttering a sacred sound.

If you want to receive a Bija Mantra, you can find a Vedic Meditation Teacher or a Transcendental Mediation Facilitator, near you.

I invite you to start a meditation practice of any kind. There are many apps now a days that are a great starting point, such as Calm or Headspace, starting somewhere is better than telling yourself you can’t do something. You can meditate, so just start.

Enjoy the journey, to less thoughts, sitting still, and feeling relaxed.

Namaste 🙏❤️🤣