How to bring more presence and relaxation into your life with an electric toothbrush?


How does presence have anything to do with an electric toothbrush you might be asking yourself, we’ll let me explain.


The past 2 ½ years I have been meditating, which has resulted in amazing life benefits, from ease, self-confidence, courage, abundance, and loving myself and my life more. The mediation that I practice is a mantra-based meditation called Vedic Mediation. I received my mantra from my meditation teacher Yashoda Devi Ma, who is based in Boulder, Colorado. Living in San Diego, I have been traveling to Colorado every 3-4 months learning and studying with her.


You might be still asking yourself what this has to do with an electric toothbrush!!


Well, let me explain, about a month ago I bought a Quip electric toothbrush. I have to say it is a very cool product and I highly recommend you give it a try. Here is a link. Just so you know, anyone I refer who signs up I get a free replacement brush, so click on my link and get me those replacement brushes that are $5 each. Thanks.


So, the toothbrush has this nifty feature that times you for brushing your teeth. It gives you 30 seconds for each corner of your mouth, giving you a buzz to move on to the next corner until your 2 minutes are up and you have brushed all 4 corners.


Now, before I had my electric toothbrush, I wouldn’t brush all 4 corners, I would only brush my teeth for maybe 30 seconds, and rushing to get it done. There was no presence or awareness.  


Come Quip electric toothbrush into my life, came with it presence and awareness while brushing my teeth. I naturally slow down. I have a tool that is helping me to slow down for those 2 minutes morning and night, minimum unless I brush my teeth after a meal sometimes.


With it came looking at myself in the mirror, breathing slower, feeling relaxed and just knowing that all is well in those 2 minutes.


There are many more little life tools and tricks that can help us be more present and aware of our life. The one definite thing to look into is getting into a daily meditation practice.


Check out my meditation teachers website at Yashoda Devi Ma, if you are in the Boulder, Colorado area and if you are not, just fly to Boulder to meet her, or Google Vedic Mediation teacher to see if you find one in your area.


Here’s to living a life with ease, self-confidence, courage, abundance, and love. And of course, we can’t forget presence and awareness.


Much Love