WHY? 🤔🤔🤔 My BIG Why? Why I do what I do?

WHY? 🤔🤔🤔 My BIG Why? Why I do what I do?


I have no freaking idea. Seriously, some days I have my why on point and some days I have no freaking idea.


Today is one of those days. I have no idea why I do what I do.


What do I do?

1. I am a real estate investor. I have been for over 20 years.

2. I am an angel investor. I invest in companies.

3. I am the President of a non-profit called Cuddle Party. Check them out, cuddleparty.com

4. I have a construction/development company with my partner James Achey called Good Life Developers.

5. I am a Men's Mentor - Mindset and Sexuality - ecstaticfreedom.com

6. I put on workshops with my partners Jennica Mills and Sita Rose. (Neo-Tantra/Sexuality)

7. I am developing Chrome extensions with Kim Dang. (Serial Entrepreneur, don’t ask)


What!!!! Yep, I do all of these. Why????? Shrug. 🤷🏽🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️


So, where is my why? Why don’t I know what it is?


My why is shifting, changing, transforming, renewing and redefining itself. With all that is happening in the world today, a revaluation of life is in order. I get to take a look at all the things I do in my life and see if they still fit. How do I choose to be, do, and have today?


So, what am I going to do?

I am going to sit in the unknown. 

I am going to sit with the question. Who am I?

I am going to allow the answer, not seek the answer.

I am going to grieve who I was, who I am and who I “should” be.

I am going to grieve disappointing others.

I am going to trust that life will reveal itself to me.


I have been here before many times. I have come on the other side of it, renewed and rejuvenated. All the 7 things I do now, have all come from me sitting in the unknown, coming out of it and seeing the opportunity in front of me and receiving it and moving forward with it. I trust this time will be no different. I trust I will find my way back home, back to my why.


I dare you to step into the unknown and sit with it. Let the spirit of the unknown guide you to who you are truly meant to be next. Grieve your old self, let go of the ideas and constructs of who you think you are to be and become the you that the world has been calling forth next.


I see you. I see you. I see you.

Soleiman 🙏❤️🔥